First Tea Time for 2016

It has been awhile since I had guests at home. I missed entertaining. I missed preparing, cooking and table setting. I got excited when my friend called to say she wanted to visit me at home.

I find it important to put in a little extra effort when guests come over. I make sure the house is tidy. I also appreciate homes that smell good. I remember visiting a friend’s condominium. Every nook of their place had a  hint of a floral scent. I searched for it and I found this small diffusers plugged in. From then on, I started collecting Voluspa and Bath & Body Works candles. I was also lucky to be gifted by a good friend a Lampe Berger Paris diffuser. Now, whenever I have guests, I make sure I light a candle in our living room or plug in my eletric aroma diffuser.

Bath & Body Works Home Scented Candle “Beach Breeze”

They say entertaining is an art. Provide food that everybody would like. This is also not the time to experiment, I’ve done this a couple of times and ended up making a mess. Make sure the food is of good quality and is attractively presented, as great meals are one of the easiest ways to please your guests.

I took out my white floral teacups and plates. I also have different sizes of doilies at home. Putting flowers and candles can also add a nice touch to your presentation. Little details make all the difference when welcoming a guest into your home.

Since this was an afternoon tea, I decided to prepare a heavy meal in case we got hungry. True enough, we started with the lasagna before heading to the living room for tea.


I know it’s a little burnt on top but my friend loved it. In fact, she requested to bring home her leftover so I gave her an extra batch. She texted me as soon as she got home to ask if she can order my lasagna. (hmm..a new business venture perhaps?😉


a bowl full of kisses


From the top: macarons, pompoms, crinkles and macaroons



My favorite tea from TWG: Silvermoon



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