Bago Resort

I have always admired the people of Bali, particularly from the town of Ubud for being able to put up luxurious resorts that exude peace and serenity amidst the lush rice fields. For me, Ubud Bali besides Batanes is the ultimate “get away from it all” destination. So I was surprised when my brother posted a picture on Facebook, of himself swimming with his daughter in a place that reminds me so much of Bali. Only this was in the town of Salcedo, Ilocos Sur.

I was told that it was a new resort built by the town’s mayor which happens to be my sister in law’s uncle. The resort is called “Bago Resort” which I thought was funny because “Bago” in english means new. I was later informed that the word “Bago” was derived from the name of a local tribe living in this area.

When I came home during the holidays, I was invited to swim at the resort. The water in the pool comes from the waterfalls of Mount Madarang. So yes, it is chlorine free but the water is very cold. But I didn’t mind. I actually thought it was refreshing and relaxing.

I’ve lived in this province since I was a child but I never really explored the nearby towns. I felt like a tourist traveling through my own region.

The road to the resort was somewhat scary but beautiful! It can only accomodate one vehicle at a time. For safety, it is necessary to honk your horn to inform any approaching vehicle of your arrival or have someone ride a motorcycle in front of you to check for oncoming vehicles.

En route, you will have the chance to experience the magnificent landscape, vast mountains, rivers, blue sky and white clouds.

Early morning sun glistening on the river

There are picnic tables scattered around the resort overlooking the pool area.

The resort is surrounded by mountains. A few steps down from the resort is a river called Buwaya. You can hear the soothing sound of water flowing through rocks and the gentle whispering sound of the wind rustling the leaves.

It’s nice to know that I do not need to travel far just to get away from it all.


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