A Day in Salzburg, Austria

Three years. So much has happened in three years time. Instagram was born and everyone’s into vlogging nowadays…but seeing the places I have visited through captured images bring a sweet sense of nostalgia.

I remember the time we joined a group tour to see Salzburg in Austria. We started the journey by meeting everyone at the Munich train station. The group was about 15. I did not have much knowledge about Salzburg except for the Sound of Music.

Our first stop was at the Mirabell Palace and Gardens. Mirabell Gardens is one of the most important shooting locations from the famous Hollywood musical “The Sound of Music”. Mirabell is a woman’s name from Italy, mirabile “admirable” and bella ” beautiful.” The Marble Hall is regarded as on the most beautiful wedding halls in the world. We managed to take a peek through the doors as a group were practicing for a concert.

The Pegasus Fountain featuring a sculpture of the horse. In the film, this is where Maria and the children dance singing the song “Do Re Mi”.

Salzburg is a must-visit for classical music. Music can be heard not only in concert halls but also in the streets.

As we walked to the main square, we passed through Christian Doppler’s birth house just next door to where Mozart’s family had lived. He was an Austrian mathematician and physicist, known for the Doppler effect.

“Love Locks” on the Makartsteg bridge over the Salzach River. The city is situated by the river Salzach, a river that runs across the entire province. Salz means salt and ache is an old German term for a river.

Love Locks on the Makartsteg Footbridge
As part of our walking tour from Mirabell Gardens, we crossed this bridge to get to the Old Town and the first thing you see are the scores of locks on the bridge fences.
Great view of the river and town
Most of Salzburg’s tourist attractions are concentrated in and around the Old Town (Alstadt).

Mozart’s Birthplace is located on the Getreidegasse, Salzburg’s most famous and busy shopping street.

St. Peter’s Abbey



The place where Mozart used to play organ.
Nestled at the foot of Monchsberg mountain is St. Peter’s Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries in the world.

The cemetery is the oldest known Christian Cemetery in Austria and houses some of the wealthiest and most notable family in Salzburg ‘s history.
Pretzels are sold all around the city of Salzburg.

Chocolate Shops

Mozartkugel or Mozart Ball. It is a small round sugar confection made of pistachio, marzipan and nougat that is covered with dark chocolate.

We had a nice lunch at Zipfer Bierhaus.

Bavarian Lunch
and of course, I wouldn’t pass up the chance to check out some of Austrian’s antiques.


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