Home for the Holidays!

I suppose this would be my longest post so far. So many of us rush home to our local provinces for the holidays. But, for me and my family, it was the other way around. My family came all the way from the north to celebrate Christmas with us in Manila. I’d say it was a hectic week for us. We were busy hanging out for lunch and dinner with friends and relatives. We were also busy shopping for more gifts. It was indeed a white tree Christmas for us.🎄


New Year’s Eve is meant to be one of the biggest, best and most exciting nights of the year. I was lucky to have my vacation leave approved for a week. So, it was my turn to come home to my family. Unfortunately, my husband was called back to work so he wasn’t able to join us.

After a 6 hour trip by land with my sister, I just took a quick nap to recharge for my sister’s annual Christmas party for one of the baranggays in our city. Back when my parents built a small beach house in that village, we hosted a party for our small household help and my mother’s employees. When the neighbors heard us play the karaoke machine, the children gathered around to peak inside from the gates. We decided we’d open our doors to them. Thus, started a tradition we all look forward to.

We also raise fish in the pond.



Let the party begin!


This time, I got worried that people from that village wouldn’t come. My family prepared food, toys, clothes and cash prizes for games. My dad told me to relax. He said that all that was needed was that booming karaoke music and I’ll find out soon enough. Indeed, the children with their mothers and fathers came. It was a happy night for everyone!

The following day, we woke up early to swim at one of the resorts that my sister-in-law’s uncle owns. It’s a 20 minute drive from our town but it was worth it. I’d talk about it more on my next post.

In the afternoon, I’d play with my niece and nephews. We’d play at home and go frolicking on the beach.

I also went on a road trip with my siblings. We went our usual route but this is one of the activities I enjoy most in the province and nothing beats quality time with family. We bought sea urchins for lunch from a local fisherman.

sea urchins


yellow fin tuna

My family all helped prepare for New Year’s eve dinner. We all watched the fireworks with awe.

The next day, we travelled to Vigan City, an hour away from our town. First thing we did was to hear mass at the cathedral. To cap the day, my family had dinner at a chinese restaurant. We walked along the famous Calle Crisologo and ended the night with hot chocolate, coffee, bibingka and churros at Hotel Luna.


Calle Crisologo


On my last day of vacation, my brother and his wife invited us all for breakfast. It was the first Sunday of 2016.


Filipino breakfast. We had beef tapa, scrambled eggs, longganisa, German franks, pinapaitan, fried rice and ham.


In the evening, we all headed to the beach for some boodle fight dinner.


before and after😂


The holiday season is all about family. One of its greatest gifts is time spent with loved ones.  Spend time together to strengthen relationships and to make wonderful memories. It is also a perfect time to patch broken relationships and rekindle friendships. So begin during the holidays and continue making time for each other throughout the year. Hope we all had a splendid 2015 Christmas and a joyous New Year!🎄



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