Renaissance Jewel: Pienza 

On our way to the town of Pienza, we made a few stops to take photographs. Everything was beautifully breath taking. 

Pienza is a tiny village located in the South of Tuscany. It stands high on top of a hill that dominates a large valley, with a magnificent view of the beautiful Val d’Orcia south of Siena, among inspiring hills, and an ever-new panorama of the whole countryside around. Life here is unhurried, perfect for soul searching and finding your inner peace.

Romeo and Juliet, The English Patient and Gladiator are a few of the movies filmed in Pienza. The fields caressed by Russell Crowe in the Gladiator are just below the walls of Pienza. Gazing across this gorgeous region loaded with panoramic scenery, cypress lined country roads, wheat fields dotted with red poppies, romantic hill-towns, medieval watch towers, and frescoed abbeys you’ll realize why this place is so inviting. Pienza draws you into its charms with perfect small alleys and squares, warm color of its bricks, and with terracotta pots and window boxes full of flowers.

This charming village is known as “the ideal city of Renaissance.” Pienza’s center was completely redesigned by Pope Pius II in Renaissance times, and it was seen as an ‘utopian town’ by the Italian people. Pienza is the only Renaissance town centre in Italy to have survived the centuries perfectly intact.

Pienza is built on level ground so it’s easy to walk and you should peek into the numerous alleys off the main street where you’ll find small quaint shops and restaurants. However, since it was off peak season, most of the shops were closed.

I found this interesting store that sells all sorts of home stuff and I couldn’t resist buying perfumed soaps to take home.

Pienza is also known as the city of cacio which means cheese. The Pecorino of Pienza is a tasty cheese made from sheep’s milk. It can go from mild flavor to a decisive one depending on how aged it is.

The town streets are full of delightful shops selling large quantities of various types of pecorino.

Walking through the streets and alleys of Pienza gives one an intense feeling of being wandered into a painting or stage set. I felt like Juliet looking for Romeo.


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