Game Night!

I haven’t had the proper amount of time to have friends over. I like being busy and juggling things at the same time. I am always out styling friends’ parties or running errands for my teacup business and having a day job! I often bite off more than I can chew by accepting loads of work that I end up being stressed all the time.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and host a game night in my home. It was so much fun, and so simple! We called a few good friends and invited them over for dinner and games.


While pizza and beer are great companions to a casual board game night, this gathering inspired me to take things up a notch.

Before the guests arrived, I set up the table. I brought out my beverage dispensing jar and made it as the table centerpiece.



To save space on the table, I made cone shaped wrappers and used it for my chicken wings, fish and fries. I also made nachos topped with beef, salsa and cheese.



Instead of the usual burger buns, I bought focaccia bread for my mini burgers. I also served sausage on buns. I also added some fried basil leaves which my friends claim was awesome! Just simply deep fry the basil as quickly as you can, strain it to remove excess oil and sprinkle it with salt & pepper!






My friends love coffee. So I prepared some danish pastries and lady fingers to go with it.



Proof that the ladies were having a fabulous night while the gents were busy playing cards. While winning is fun; the goal is to create stronger bonds with friends with lots of laughs.😃




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