A Trip to Paris Part 2

One of the highlights of our trip to Paris was of course, seeing the Eiffel Tower. We took the Metro and as soon as we got off the train station, we took the bus which dropped us off at the grassy park at the opposite end of the Eiffel Tower.

Scene at the train


As we got closer, I stood there frozen and struck with awe. It was beautiful. I had no idea how huge it was or how beautiful the iron work on it was. I’m sure you have seen it on TV and movies but you can’t fully understand how overwhelmingly huge the Eiffel Tower is until you are walking towards it. And after years of merely seeing it in books and movies, I still cannot believe I was actually standing on it.



Stairs at the Eiffel Tower


To go up the elevators of the Eiffel Tower, you have to wait in line to buy your tickets, and then queue in another line for security and the elevator. You can also opt to take the trains. I did not buy our tickets in advance because I wasn’t sure about climbing the tower because I am afraid of heights, but my mother insisted that we go up and check it out. And because it is one of the world’s biggest tourist magnets, the lines have expectedly grown formidable.  We also found a ticket booth for a restaurant called 58 Tours Eiffel located on the first level of the tower. The booking at the restaurant includes the lift up to the first level. As soon as you get the ticket you can walk directly to the lift queue. It was a little bit pricey but for a one off experience it was definitely worth trying. The dining experience is a fixed menu and the price depends on the package you avail. My mom and I had the three course meal. I can’t remember a lot of the things I ordered but obviously, this was more of an experience than a meal. Overall, we left satisfied with both the food and the location.

Beef Confit



After a hearty lunch, we went around the first level of the tower. There were souvenir shops and I got a few souvenir key chains and other Eiffel Tower memorabilia.

When we were done touring, I noticed a nearby carrousel that was across the street. Right beside it was a flight of stairs leading you to a place where you can buy tickets for a Seine river cruise. Vedettes de Paris has the smallest one hour cruise boat. My mom and I bought tickets and we were able to board the boat twenty minutes later. We stayed in the upper deck of the boat. The Seine River is the epicenter of all the attractions in Paris. You can see so many historical structures on both sides of the river.

Vedettes de Paris


Vedettes de Paris Ticket Booth



We stayed at the upper deck.


After the cruise, my mom and I took the train to see Champs-Elysees. It is probably the most famous avenue in the world and like the Eiffel Tower, it is a popular symbol of Paris lined with restaurants, luxury boutiques and nightclubs. We strolled through the avenue from end to end, bought macarons and people-watched while sitting on iron benches.

I thought that I would really really like Les Champs Elysees. I was expecting something a little different but I wasn’t really sure what it was. I guess I was starting to miss my husband at this point and it would have been more fun if he was with me.


2 thoughts on “A Trip to Paris Part 2

  1. This reminds me that the first time I went to Paris was 1969. The Eiffel tower then did not look so modern, the lifts were all wood and an attendant operated the lift. There was no ticket and no lines, you just went up. The restaurant was old fashioned and expensive. The company my father worked for were going to buy the Gare D’Orsay demolish it and put a modern hotel instead on the site. But the President of the time was Charles De Gaulle and he decided to block the sale of the building and it became the Musée d’Orsay instead.


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