Another Day in Venice

We started the day with an early meal at our gorgeous breakfast room at the hotel. We then walked around the San Marco square to check out the shops, prayed at the church before we headed to the boat that will take us to the islands.

This was the view from our breakfast room.

No trip to Venice is complete without an escape to the Venetian Lagoon’s most prized islands. We set sail for the island of Murano, known throughout the world for its ancient tradition of glass making. In 1291, all glassmaking was moved to Murano to avoid the risk of fire. It was the only place where mirrors were made for centuries, with a death sentence for anyone who leaked its secrets.

Our next stop was the bustling island of Burano, famous for its colourful houses and hand-crafted lace work. My mother and I shared a huge slice of pizza for lunch. I strolled around the island taking pictures and went back to the boat for our next stop.

Our final destination, my favorite among the three islands, is the island of Torcello. Before there was a “Venice,” there was Torcello. From the ferry dock, is a long main canal, about a 10-minute stroll (which felt like an hour) to the main piazza.

There are several restaurants along the way and the world-famous restaurant (famous because Hemingway loved it) called Locanda Cipriani. My mother walked so fast I wasn’t able to keep up with her. I was too busy looking for her, I never made it to the main piazza because it was time for us to go back to the boat. We were all waiting for her. I kinda felt worried that the boat would leave without her. And finally there she was, gloating and skipping with some of the things she bought from the piazza.

As soon as we were back at the Rialto, I looked for the famous Harry’s Bar. I was shy, alone and naive but I plucked up the courage and pushed through the hallowed swing doors.



The first available seat I found was at the bar and ordered their famous Bellini drink, a mixture of white peach juice and prosecco. It was named after the fifteenth-century Venetian painter Giovanni Bellin. The place itself is kept in the same style as the day it opened and while you can’t stay here for more than 1 or two drinks due to its size and price (a Bellini drink is nearly worth 17 euros) it is definitely worth going to, and knowing that you have been somewhere so iconic. The place has class and merits a visit when in Venice.


2 thoughts on “Another Day in Venice

  1. In Torcello you do not say if you visited the Cathedral and its famous mosaics, it was built for the First Millenium in the year 1000AD. We stayed in Torcello at the home of an Italian Senator, a spectacular place full of art works.


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