Edible Flowers

It’s the tail end of summer and it’s still unbelievably hot even with the fan and a/c on. Instead of focusing on the weather, I thought of ways on how to lift my melting spirit.

I bought a bunch of edible flowers because they’re pretty. I was inspired to make one of Rachel Khoo’s recipe…

From her book My Little French Kitchen.

So here I was prepping the flowers for my cake. lalala la la🎶

and here’s where I ended up wrong. It says brush the flowers with white egg and dip in white sugar. I was too excited that I didn’t wait for the flowers to turn dry so I l decided to make…

an Ice Cream Cake topped with my wet looking edible flowers. LOL. I still love it! My husband refused to eat the flowers though..oh well.

Inspired from one of the blogs I follow, I made myself some pretty fancy ice candy. 🌺


I also like to freeze my lemons and fruits.

Ice tray chic.🌴


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