Art at Home

I have not written anything in a while. I decided to stop and rest for a moment from my social media life. It’s summer here in the Philippines and it’s so hot, it makes you too lazy to do anything. I have been wanting to go to the beach but with work and all, it’s just really impossible to have an official “summer vacation”. Add to it the fact that I sprained my ankle badly when I fell down from a flight of stairs 2 weeks ago. I was stuck in bed for a week.

I found some old pictures of my short vacation last year when I went home to the province. I thought I’d share with you some of my family’s homemade projects. We gifted my niece with a barbie house. The carpenter charged about P1,500.00 (around $35.00) to build it, which I then painted and my mom interior decorated.

I gifted my mom a paper book. She used different prints from the book to cover the entire house. The white ruffles along the roof’s edges are paper doilies.


The pink stones came from a broken bracelet. She added some ruffles around the balcony using cupcake cups.


The kitchen.

The powder room with a tiny sink.

Sun shining through the balcony. LOL. I wish it’s this easy to build a real house.

She woke up and found this on our working table. Happy Girl!❤️

A month ago, while strolling at the mall, I found some pretty bed at a store.

I sent these pictures to my brother and a few days later, he sent me these pictures. He decided to make one for his son!

Look who’s excited!

My brother paid P2,500. (around $56.00 to have this car bed made)

My brother did the painting.


It’s now parked in our garage.😂

My brother added some lights at the bottom. We ordered the mattress and had it customized for only P1,600. (around $36.00) but we haven’t picked it up yet. But for now, we have one happy customer on a temporary mattress.😂


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