Seoul Street Food 

Korean street food is part of the adventure when travelling in Korea. There’s no shortage of tasty street food treats to taste. I can eat them everyday. Despite having a free breakfast from the hotel, I looked forward waking up each morning to look for this stall.


It says it’s a hamburger toast but basically it’s a square omellete with ham and cheese topped with shredded cabbage. The breads are then toasted in butter. Yum!


Another favorite of mine are these meatballs topped with this garlic white sauce.




These shrimp dumplings are huge! I love this too!




Odeng or fish cake skewers served with broth on the side. 


Dakkochi are simple skewers of grilled chicken and vegetables. 

These glass noodles are so good!


The strawberries are plump, sweet and juicy! You can also order fruits and have them blend it with ice.


Bungeoppangs, a Korean pastry shaped like a fish are made using an appliance similar to a waffle iron. Cream is added as a filling topped with honey. 


This guy works fast! Nutella banana crepe.

Payment bucket.


Tornado Potato. I love their version of potato twister. They dip it in some kind of batter before frying. It stays crispy and it’s oh so good!


These are fries topped with different kinds of cheese and toppings and torched until the cheese melts.


Egg Bread. These are so cute and tasted so good too! 

If there’s one thing I miss about Korea are these tasty snacks. Since our flight was at 2:55 in the afternoon, I wasn’t able to take home any of these since they open around 4pm.😭😭😭


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