Handmade Gifts

Being an aunt is the best thing ever. I can buy completely the most impractical items for my nieces and nephew. You get to spoil them and you get to be the coolest person in the world…in their eyes anyway.


I thought it would be cool that they all get a pictorial. I made them a no sew tutu dresses. I ordered different colors of tulle and elastic headbands.



How to make a no sew tutu dress?

Take your measurements. Figure out how long the dress needs to be (approximately the length from armpit to knee on the child). Add a 2 inches (5 cm) to this number, as the dress will poof out a lot. Further, measure the child around her chest and back, right under her armpit. This is where the elastic will sit.

Tie tulle strips to the elastic. Fold a strip of tulle in half. Stick the looped side under the elastic, and pull the loose ends through the loop to secure. Repeat with the rest of the tulle. If you are using more than one color, alternate the colors of the tulle.


I used a candle holder as my model.



You can use as many rolls of tulle as you want. Since I only wanted to use one color per dress, I ended up using only two rolls so it was not as thick as I wanted them to be.



Tulle heaven!



I put them in a box tied in pink ribbons and added flowers.šŸŒŗ



The day of the shoot: Having 4 children in the same room was a complete chaos. We were all chasing them around. One was crawling away from the photographer, one refused to sit still, one’s chewing her dress and one was crying.



But the results were amazing!

*Picture Company like any other studio doesn’t release a high resolution copy. You have to have them print the copies.





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