New Year’s Eve 2014

My husband and I celebrated New Year’s Eve at home. As much as we would like to spend it with our families, we couldn’t because we had work the following day. 


To make the day festive, I went a little crazy on my table setting. I used gold fruit platter and white linen with gold stars both from H&M. The dinner plate is a 1990 bone china Esprit d’Erté Shiseido. The gold flatware is a gift from my parents. It was bought in Saudi Arabia.

The fish masks were my unfinished projects way back in 2005.

Teacup is called “Enchantment” by Royal Albert.

I added pink feathers and big New Year’s horns. 

For our New Year’s dinner, I made my first paella. I also cooked Fish Fillet in olive oil topped with fried garlic and chives.  


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