Welcome to my very first blog entry! I am sure you are as thrilled as I am! I have a great deal to write about simply because these past years have been very exciting. 

My life at a glance: First and foremost, I am a wife with no kids. My husband and I both work full time on different schedules. So, whenever I find myself alone and bored, I find means to whisk the time away. I, occasionally, would volunteer to style my friends and relatives children’s parties. When I’m feeling dull, I hold dinners at home for friends just to have a reason to decorate the table and I always have a theme. 

My husband, a good friend and I went out of town to celebrate my birthday. I have always wanted to dine at Antonio’s but we always felt lazy about driving down South. Now that we have a reason to, I immediately made an itinerary for a two day trip.

First stop was Antonio’s. The place was simply divine. We were the first to arrive and was able to check out the premises in its tranquility. We also got lucky and met Antonio.

This was being prepared for a wedding that was about to take place that afternoon.

Lanai Lounge

I’ve always wanted to take a picture of a chandelier hanging from a tree. Imagine my surprise when I saw these two chandeliers. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures.

One of my favorite shot of my good friend, Angelina.

We ordered fresh Dalandan juice with frozen dalandan cubes. Tip from the waiter is the squeeze it with lemon before freezing the juice to retain its vibrant color.

Tempura Scallops with Mango Orange sauce and Lumpfish Caviar

Mayura Bone Marrow

Foiè Gras Grapes Salad

Antonio’s House Salad Organic Mesclun Salad, Bleu d’Auvergne Crumbled, Glazed Walnuts, Dried Currants & Cranberries with Raspberry Vinaigrette and drizzled with Basil Oil


Soup of the day

Roasted Duck Breast in a Mixed Berry Red Wine Jus with Potato Confit and Pan Seared Foiè Gras

Deboned Lamb Rib

Felchlin Maracaibo Chocolate Terrine with Double Ice Cream & Roasted Pistachio

Dark Chocolate Soufflè with Cardamom Crème Anglaise


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